Welcome to Gorgon Studios!

Founded in 2009, Gorgon Studios is the joint project of a group of like-minded hobbyists, gamers, and amateur historians. Originally conceived as a vehicle for miniatures ranges for niche or lesser known historical period, Gorgon Studios has expanded in scope. From the ancient Italian empire of the Estruscans, to the American Old West, to the shores of Dark Age Britain, to the desperate actions on Crete during the Second World War, Gorgon continues to produce high quality model figures for an ever-growing repertoire of historical, fantasy, and science fiction ranges. As Gorgon expands, the focus remains squarely on offering dynamic, historically accurate, and characterful toy soldiers.  

Agents Deering & Clark

Paris, 1942. Deep inside Occupied France, a group of ruthless Nazi scientists meets secretly. Their plan: to unleash the Third Reich’s newest and most terrible weapon. The only things standing in their way are the stalwart operatives of the U.S. Office of Special Operations!

James Wappel Demo!

The extremely talented James Wappel will be joining us in the Gorgon Studios booth at Little Wars this year! James will be painting some Norwegian troops (and their French Foreign Legion comrades), so stop by the booth, say hello and watch the show!

Little Wars 2017

Gorgon Studios will be attending Little Wars at the Westin Lombard Yorktown Center this April 28th thought the 30th.  Stop by and check out our latest releases! Tickets for Little Wars are available at hmgsmidwest.com.

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