Hank Edley Hank Edley - Coinmaster
Harniac, AdeptiCon Oracle, Feudal Lord, Journey Rat and former political hack. Playing, organizing and expanding all sorts of gaming in the Midwest for 30 years. Focus and interest for the past ten years has been on miniature wargaming. Husband of Dianne and father to sons Liam, Ethan, Cedric and Henry.
Dave Pauwels Dave Pauwels - Staff Painter, Resident Historian
Dave Pauwels is a long time miniature painter, hobbyist and amateur Etruscologist. A 9-time Golden Demon winner and avid Warhammer Ancients player, Dave's current projects include several Horus Heresy Kill Teams, running a stellar Traveller campaign and posting on Facebook. Dave lives with his Cylon wife and daughter on New Caprica.
Matthias Weeks Matthias Weeks - Bringer of Rain, Webslinger
A long time member of Iron Crown's Crown Guard and co-founder of AdeptiCon and Adeptus Windy City, Matthias' current projects include a working on several gangs for Devil's Run, preparing an epic Conan role-playing game and assembling board game inserts. Matthias lives above his gaming basement with his wife Erin, his daughter Edda, his son Henrik and Draugluin, who shall soon be slain by Huan.
Jamie Welling Jamie Welling - Staff Painter, Warehouse Foreman
A veteran miniature hobbyist of nearly 25 years, Jamie has painted everything from Space Marines to Republican Romans. His painting skills have earned him 7 Golden Demon awards and several Best Appearance awards over the years. Jamie's current projects include several Gorgon Studios lines, an Eastern Front German force for Flames of War, a Haradrim force for Lord of the Rings and additions to his Republican Romans (just to name a few). Jamie lives at Bag End with his wife and two children.